LESCO Complaint Number

Lesco Complaint Numbers for Power Failure

Call the numbers below if you have a complaint about power failure.

  • 042-111000118
  • 0320-0520888
  • 99205461
  • 99205464

LESCO Complaint Number (Tool Free)

  • 0800-00118

What is LESCO Complaint Process and why do you need to know it

Knowing the Lesco complaint process is essential for anyone who is a paying customer of the utility company in Pakistan. The first step to take would be to visit your local LESCO office, where you can register your complaint and explain what happened. You will then receive a unique ID or token number which can be used to track and monitor your issue as it is handled by the team. Customers should never pay any illegal dues or amount other than their LESCO bill as it may systemize corruption and extend the timeline of resolving their issues. Having a good understanding of how to contact LESCO directly can save plenty of time and frustration, so it’s well worth getting familiar with the process.

LESCO Complaint Number and Procedure

Filing a complaint with LESCO is as easy as ever! All you need to do is to dial the LESCO Complaint Number, and one of their friendly representatives will be there to help. From registering a complaint or checking the status of your filed complaint, they are just a call away. As per the procedure, you can provide them with the necessary details of your complaint and contact information, after which further information would be communicated via email or SMS. And then you can rest assured that your complaint has been received by LESCO for resolution. So, next time if you have any issues related to electricity supply in your area, just give them a call at their toll-free number (118) or send SMS to (8118) and let the electricity back into your life!

LESCO Online Complaint procedure

The LESCO Online Complaint procedure is designed to help customers resolve any issues they may have with their electricity connection. To report a complaint, simply go online to the LESCO website and submit your query. An electronics officer will be assigned to your case and will work with you on getting your problem quickly and efficiently solved. If you are unable to make an online complaint, you can call their helpline or visit a customer service representative in person; however, it is recommended that you take advantage of their convenient online service for fast response times and professional assistance.

Steps involved in filing a Lesco Complaint Online

If you have a complaint against an electric bill, filing it with LESCO – the largest electricity supplier in Pakistan – can be quite easy and hassle-free. All you need to do is go to this link LESCO complaint and file a Complaint Online through their simple, user-friendly website. This can be done in just a few steps; firstly, you will need to provide them with your account details such as your reference no. and service ID number. Secondly, you need to give customer details. Thirdly, enter your complaint details. It’s that easy! Once you have filed your complaint online, all that remains is for the relevant authorities to resolve your issue as soon as possible. So if you have an electric bill problem, don’t wait any longer – file a Lesco Complaint Online today!