LESCO New Connection

Applying for a New Connection

Required Documents

To apply for LESCO new connection, applicants need to provide supporting documents such as a copy of their National Identity Card (NIC), ownership documents, and other relevant documents depending on the type of connection the applicant is applying for.

LESCO Demand Notice Fee

The fee for demand notice for the LESCO new connection varies based on the type of connection applied for. The fee can be paid using various payment modes such as online, bank, or mobile banking services.

The estimated fee for demand notice:

  • City areas: Rs-12660
  • Rural areas: Rs-10830

it’s recommended to contact the concerned department of Lesco to confirm the fee.

Application Process

After filling out the application form and attaching the necessary documents, it should be submitted to the LESCO office. Once applied, it can take up to 15-20 days for a new connection to be processed.

Timeframe for Processing

LESCO aims to deliver a new connection within 15-20 days after receiving the application form from applicants. In the case of any delay, applicants will be informed.

Meter Replacement

Causes for Meter Replacement

If the old meter reading is faulty, or outdated, or the customer is facing any other problem, the meter must be replaced.

Application Process

Customers can apply online or in person, requesting a meter replacement, along with necessary documents to back up the request, such as a copy of NIC or ownership documents.

Timeframe for Meter Replacement

LESCO aims to replace the meter within 7-10 days after receiving the application form from applicants. The customer will be informed of the date and time when the meter replacement will take place.

Necessary Documents

Along with the application for meter replacement, customers must submit a photocopy of a National Identity Card or relevant ownership documents.


LESCO Complaint Portal

Customers dissatisfied with LESCO’S services can register a complaint online via the LESCO complaint portal.

Procedure for registering complaints

To register a complaint, a customer must fill out the online form, including details of the problem they are experiencing. After submitting a complaint, LESCO’s customer service department will assess it, and a resolution will be given within 7-10 days.

Tampering of Meters

If a customer identifies any tampering or opening of their meter, this should be reported to the LESCO complaint portal immediately. It is crucial to report such matters to prevent fraudulent activities.

Complaints against Unsatisfactory Services

If a customer is not satisfied with any LESCO service, he/she may raise a complaint through the LESCO complaint portal. A customer can also call the customer service hotline or visit the LESCO customer service center.